Climate Change in Ontario: Assessment, Efficiency of Green Policies, and Optimal Environmental Stability

Shaan Muthada Potayya


Ontario possesses the technological and financial resources to address climate change. Yet, the Province has been unable to formulate coherent policies to significantly reduce emissions and adopt an environmentally friendly approach to this issue. This paper analyzes the response of the government to climate change and the barriers preventing efficient policy implementation in Ontario. The analysis draws from journal articles, governmental publications, and independent reports. It examines the effectiveness of public authorities to implement environmental policy. More precisely, this research points out the relationship that the Government of Ontario has developed with environmental issues. This essay reveals the challenges relating to policy implementation, for poor or mixed results have been achieved. This difficulty in achieving clear results is not a problem of policy implementation, but rather one of political will and accountability. The research highlights a persistent conflict between short-term and long-term goals. To address climate change efficiently, our current mode of governance needs to be reformed. This paper closes with a proposed solution to the current precarious state of climate change policy implementation in Ontario through a new method of environmental stewardship.

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