Jennisha Wilson's research poster

Racism and Discrimination: The Manifestation and Cycle of Inequalities and Their Role in the Increasing Rates of HIV and AIDS in Toronto’s Jane-Finch Neighbourhood (abstract)

Jennisha Wilson


Socio-political and economic factors such as poverty, unemployment, and poor health status have played a crucial role in increasing the rate of HIV/AIDS within the Afro-Black and Caribbean (ABC) community in Toronto, Canada. More importantly, these factors stem from a perpetual cycle of systemic and institutional marginalization rooted in a colonial legacy of racial oppression. In this paper, I argue that these processes of marginalization highlight and reinforce ties to colonialism that continue to reify the normalization of whiteness as the dominant ideology in Canada. I suggest that, despite resistance to racial oppression, such practices persist as a mechanism to protect and justify white privilege within Canadian society.

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