York University Students Perceptions of Influenza and the Influenza Vaccine


  • Michael Fusca


The purpose of this study is to investigate perceptions regarding seasonal influenza immunization among university-aged students. The study aims to explore students’ insights, opinions, and views regarding seasonal influenza immunization and the possible motives or obstacles that either incite or prevent students from getting an influenza vaccine. The study was carried out at York University’s Keele campus, a densely populated commuter school situated in a large metropolitan area, and involved York University students as participants. The study sought to determine whether the recommendation by Canadian Public Health Agencies that getting a flu shot remains the primary step to be taken in preventing the spread of the influenza virus, is a shared view among York University students. University-aged students’ perceptions and beliefs about the benefits or risks associated with the flu shot may therefore be considered important information among public health policy makers in understanding students’ compliance with this official advice.


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Fusca, M. (2017). York University Students Perceptions of Influenza and the Influenza Vaccine. Revue YOUR Review (York Online Undergraduate Research), 2, 117. Retrieved from https://yourreview.journals.yorku.ca/index.php/yourreview/article/view/40372



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