How Does Cutting Healthcare for Refugees Affect Refugees in Canada?: A Literature Review


  • Mariam Hamaoui


This literature review examines the effects of Canada’s healthcare cuts on refugees by analyzing five case studies—with qualitative and quantitative data gathered through surveys and in-depth interviews—and discussing results. All five case studies suggest that cutting healthcare for refugees is detrimental to the refugees, and will ultimately cost the government more than what it claims to be saving through cuts. Healthcare is essential for all members of society. In Canada, refugees and immigrants are entitled to receive free healthcare provided by the Canadian government for a period of time. This comes at no cost to the beneficiaries, and helps alleviate some of the pressures felt by people who must grow accustomed to new surroundings. From a moral standpoint, not only are healthcare cuts to refugees inhumane, but they also “violate Canada’s international treaty obligations to be non-discriminatory in the provision of health services” (Stanbrook, 2014).




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