Are there subtypes of gamers, more at risk of developing pathologies?


  • Beatriz Aguiar


Video gaming is a common hobby among people of all ages. However, when enjoyed in excess, it can lead to disordered behaviours. Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) is a disorder
characterized by pathological gaming habits that last for at least twelve months (WHO, 2018; DSM-5, 2013). Little research distinguishes high- from low-risk gamers regarding the development of other disordered behaviours or comorbidity with mental health issues. The current study, an exploratory data analysis, assesses the risk of gamers’ developing other pathological behaviours and comorbidity with mental health issues such as social anxiety, depression, ADHD, problematic gambling, or substance dependence. The study is a secondary analysis of an existing data set. We identified three different subtypes of gamers, with only one group showing significant emotionality, gaming habits, and addictive behaviours. The other two subtypes were a normative class and a class of gamers with high levels of pathological emotionality but no addictive behaviours other than the diagnosis of IGD.




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