Ford Fest: Community barbeque or ethical nightmare?


  • Adam Garisto


Ford Fest is an annual barbeque organized by one of Ontario’s most powerful families: the Fords. The main concern is that Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, uses the event to make voters beholden to the Progressive Conservative Party; therefore, the ethics of Ford Fest must be examined. First, it must be determined that Ford Fest is misleading the public. The event operates under the guise of a community barbeque; however, closer examination reveals its true nature as a political rally. Second, Ford Fest provides free food and entertainment for its guests; is this bribery? It seems that these perks are intended to make voters beholden to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and Premier Ford.; is this ethical? News media and the Party’s and the Premier’s social media about the event were analyzed using two competing theories: utilitarianism and deontology to determine the ethics of this event. The author concludes that political parties should not be able to bribe voters for support. Political parties should be expected to appeal to voters through messaging and policy, not barbeques and perks.




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