XX Cygni: Fourier Analysis


  • Ariella Kantorowitz-Sapers


High amplitude delta Scuti (HADS) stars, Fourier analysis, fundamental frequency


High amplitude delta Scuti (HADS) stars are short period pulsating variable stars, with a pulsation of several hours. They typically pulsate in radial modes, with most of their energy being distributed into the main pulsation. Fourier spectra was completed for star XX Cygni (XX Cyg) for the purpose of deducing the dominant frequencies of pulsation for XX Cyg. For the years 2010 to 2017, data reduction was completed to produce light curves displaying the time of maximum light for XX Cyg at the Allan I. Carswell Observatory located at York University in Toronto, Ontario. With over 100 new data points coming from the Allan I. Carswell Observatory, the total observed times of maximum light is 12,895 data points. Frequency analysis of the light curve has shown the energy is being distributed primarily into the main pulsation, with a fundamental frequency of 7.3 cycles/day.




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