Combating Loneliness Amongst Seniors with Dementia


  • Nazaneen Qauomi


Loneliness is defined as the subjective negative evaluation regarding the quality and the quantity of current relationships. The Canadian senior population (individuals aged 65 and over) has been rapidly increasing over the past century and now exceeds the population of  children aged 14 and younger. With the aging of the Baby Boom generation, the number of seniors is estimated to be 25% of the population of Canada by 2036. Loneliness is frequently listed as a risk factor for advancing cognitive decline and is a very strong predictor of dementia, independent of other factors such as social isolation, depression, or living alone. This project aims to raise awareness and combat loneliness among seniors through health promotion strategies, including intergenerational programs, visits to retirement homes and schools, and stimulating activities to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.




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