How Can We Enhance the User’s Gym Experience at the Tait Mckenzie Fitness Centre?


  • Michelle Young
  • Lara Calucag
  • Katreena Dalisay
  • Sandra Gabriele


“TaitGo” is a mobile app that links York University (Toronto, Canada) Athletics and Recreation with the user’s personal fitness  goals. The system tracks a user’s personal activity in relation to the Tait Mckenzie Fitness Centre facility. The app encourages students and community gym members to become more involved with York University athletics and to achieve their fitness goals while connecting with others. Researchers observed users of the fitness facility, conducted two surveys, ran user tests and did post-test analysis. Users of the app can access York University athletics information, activity schedules, and session sign-ups as well as a compilation of their personal goals, activities, and statistics. The database track a user’s goals and progress and tailors their online experiences using data analytics and filters. It also facilitates entry to the fitness centre —no need for bracelet tag or student ID card. The app gamifies the experience of working out, achieving goals, and engaging with the fitness community.




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Young, M., Calucag, L., Dalisay, K., & Gabriele, S. (2022). How Can We Enhance the User’s Gym Experience at the Tait Mckenzie Fitness Centre?. Revue YOUR Review (York Online Undergraduate Research), 7. Retrieved from



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