Discrimination Against Transgender Nonbinary Applicants During the Hiring Process


  • Meaghan Landry
  • Ryan Yacknovets


Transgender and genderqueer people regularly face discrimination, especially when it comes to employment and the hiring process (Hebl et al., 2002; Nadler & Kufahl, 2014; Reed et al., 2015); however, these groups are often underrepresented in psychological research. The current study aims to add to the research literature by investigating potential hiring biases against transgender nonbinary individuals (TNBIs) applying for teaching positions. More specifically, do participants feel comfortable hiring TNBIs as teachers, especially when the job involves working with younger children? A total of 276 participants between the ages of 18 and 53 were randomly assigned to read one of two teaching applicants’ résumés, which contained their work experience, education, and additional qualifications. The résumés of both job applicants were differentiated only by the pronouns they used (she/her or they/them), as well as by their membership in a teachers’ association (the Association for Teachers of Toronto or the Association for Transgendered Teachers of Toronto). In the current study, the independent variable was the gender identity of the applicant (TNBI or cisgender woman) and the dependent variable was the grade level that participants recommended the applicant teach. We conclude that TNBIs were significantly more likely to be recommended for teaching positions involving older children when compared to equally qualified cisgender applicants, thus revealing underlying discrimination during the hiring process.




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