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Revue YOUR Review provides undergraduate authors with an experiential learning opportunity in scholarly writing and publishing. A sincere thank you to our student-authors, who participated in the editing and revising processes enthusiastically and thoughtfully, and responded to comments with good grace. A very special thank you to the volunteer faculty writing coaches—Jessica Braimoh, Tammy George, Celia Haig-Brown, Ilo Maimets, Stéphanie Marion, Michael Palamarek, and Evan Westra—who guided new authors wisely and attentively through the extensive process of writing and revising their academic articles. Thank you to our copy editors, and to Kris Joseph, who shared his knowledge of author rights and open-access publishing agreements. We are grateful to Professor Dunja Baus and the students in her upper-year substantive editing course (AP/WRIT 3730) who provided feedback to new authors. We would also like to thank Joy Kirchner, Dean of Libraries, who embraces the value of providing an open-access forum for student academic knowledge production and dissemination, and whose idea of a 21st-century library includes community engagement and experiential education. Finally, we are enormously grateful for the generosity, dedication, and caring of our exceptional editorial board members, whose commitment to student learning and success is boundless. Revue YOUR Review was born of a vision, but lives thanks to the sustaining support of these people.



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